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Elavil - can this med be taken for bipolar. how much of a dose should be taken?

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LaurieShay 26 Jun 2013

It can in the sense that it is used for anxiety and depression. So depending on your presenting symptoms, it may be used in dosages as low as 10mgs to as high as 300mgs daily.

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Delila 26 Jun 2013

Hi, it also can help you sleep & promote a more calm feeling. I take it as part of my medication combination, & i have BPD. I know it isn't the same as Bipolar, but it has some similar symptoms.

WildcatVet 26 Jun 2013

Hi, Bryan! The standard medications used for BPD are Seroquel ~ or Geodon to a lesser degree ~ alone or in combination with lithium, Lamictal or other mood stabilizers. Seroquel is approved for treatment of both BPD depression and mania. Geodon isn't approved, but has been used effectively in some cases. Anti-depressants such as Elavil, a tricyclic, the MAOs, SSRIs and SNRIs are used to treat depression but are suspected of provoking manic episodes even in people who haven't had one (yet) and they don't effectively treat BPD depression. It's a fairly common problem for people who have been treated for depressive disorders when what they actually have is BPD.
Best wishes, WCV

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janiebme 26 Jun 2013

Hi bryan1981-
I have been on Elavil (amitriptyline) for a month. I am on it because none of the SSRI's worked out, bad side effects. I have PTSD/anxiety/night terrors/depression. It can be very sedative. I take it at night 25 mg (I am med sensitive) along with Guanfacine 1mg it is a blood pressure med found to work for night terrors/anxiety symptoms, and Buspar for anxiety 15 mg 2 x a day. This combo is working OK for me. I do feel sedated and still do not sleep well but better.
I would be cautious regarding the bi-polar as I know some meds can kick up the mania, as someone else mention in their response.
Hope you find something that will work for you.

bryan1981 30 Jun 2013

Thanks everyone I take elavil and paxel I get angery like a light.switch coming on and off. I get unwanted thoughts a lot. I would never. Do them things. I feel like I'm all over the place. I just want to be happy and enjoy life. But I don't see that happening I do need help scared people will thank I'm crazy and I'm not. Thank you everyone

Paula Thrasher 12 Oct 2017

Am on a low dose in combntion w/bus par... worthless for a bipolar... was on KLONEPEN for 9 years by unscrupulous psych... any ideas?

WildcatVet 12 Oct 2017

BuSpar could be effective for co-morbid anxiety, but most bipolars require a mood stabilizer (lithium), or an anticonvulsant (Lamictal, Topomax, Depakote, etc.), and sometimes an antipsychotic (Abilify, Seroquel, Geodon, etc.)
Antidepressants are generally thought to be capable of provoking manic episodes in both BP I, BP II, and BP depression. free discount card

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