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Rajive Goel 19 Mar 2012

Elavil belongs to a class of medications called tricyclic antidepressants. It is not entirely clear how the drug works. It does affect several chemicals in the brain, including serotonin and norepinephrine. Elavil may allow these chemicals to stay in the brain longer, which can help with depression symptoms.

Studies have shown that Elavil is effective for the treatment of depression. It may also be used "off-label" to help relieve chronic pain and to prevent migraine headaches. Elavil can also help with bedwetting, ADHD, fibromyalgia, and bulimia. The medicine is also effective at helping people quit smoking.

Drownisness & lighthededness is one of the common side effects of Elavil, however for more details please talk to the doc/pharmacist who prescribed the med.

Take care, bets wishes!

Inactive 19 Mar 2012

Hi karinramirez,
My doc prescribed a tricyclic for me, and he said it would show results in about 3 days, but it would help with insomnia on the first night.

How did you sleep last night? Can you tell a difference yet?
Hope you are feeling fine and no anxiety!

sweet lemon

karinaramirez86 20 Mar 2012

Hi! No not yet today will bs first time that I will take it... Don't get me wrong im kinda scared but im going to do it... I just hope it dose help me out alot. Thanks!!! So dose it help you out alot?

Inactive 20 Mar 2012

Hi Karen,
It does help me sleep. I understand being trepadacious about taking an old tricyclic, but some of those older meds work better than the new ones.
Be brave and let us know if you slept better after you take it.
sweet lemon

Inactive 19 Mar 2012

Hello karinaramireez265. Just to add to what Rajive said. One of its off label uses is to help in the treatment for insomnia. Regards, pledge

subzero58 19 Mar 2012

hi k, elivil is good for all the reasons everyone just told you. i dont know how much your on but this is the best way to take it for sleep. i took it for 2 years so belive me this is the best way to take it.get ready to fall asleep pj's on the whole 9 yards. water next to your bed and elivil in hand.take it,put your head on your pillow and get in your favorite sleeping position.this may sound extreme,the reason Im telling you this is because elivil has a small window of time that it will put you right to sleep wont even feel it starting to work.the next thing you will feel is waking up.and maybe a little foggy in the morning.sit on the side of your bed it will pass in 5 min.other things your gonna notice is dry mouth,and its a little harder to go to the bathroom. try some prunes and drink plenty of water... subzero58

bumblebee90 19 Mar 2012

Good advice. Ruth :)

karinaramirez86 20 Mar 2012

Hi.. Thx is you very much for the tip I totally appreciate it... Its that its the first time that I will be using it I just don't want to get addicted to that but honestly I have never been able to get a good night sleep in a long,long time... I just hope it dose work for me like it did or is doing for all of you... Thanks is that I just want to sleep... & Thanks for the advice

caringsonbj 19 Mar 2012

Rajive is right one of the things that you may notice (not in all people) because of the contents of the drug some folks have muscle movements I would imagine that this is something that tends to improve with treatment. One of the things that you need to do is read the enclosed papmplet that is enclosed with the drug when it is filled. the pharmacy includes these and it gives you a general idea of what you can expect from the drug and the side effects that are possible with the use of the drug. I wish you the very best Caringsonbj (Billy)

Inactive 19 Mar 2012

Good advice Billy, & good to see you posting... Mary

bumblebee90 19 Mar 2012

I agree with Mary. Great to see you posting Billy. Ruth :)

granny50 19 Mar 2012

It will knock you down. It is good for anxiety and sleep.

Inactive 24 Mar 2012

Do not fear, you will sleep soundly. At least that has been my experience with Elavil, and I love it. Also, since it is an older drug, more is known about side effects and other issues. Knocked me right out and I love sleep.
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