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Elavil - Is there a big weight gain issue ?

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LouAnnP 23 Dec 2015

Tricyclics generally can cause weight gain, but you never know. For example, I'm on ability, which can cause weight gain, but I have been much more active, and have lost some weight. Best wishes

chuck1957 25 Dec 2015

Kbrochin; It is also what you do, You have to watch how it affects you in the side effects it has both weight loss and weight gain. But I know of several people on this and I have taken it myself in the past and did not gain any weight. But if you notice weight gain you also have to watch closer what you are eating. Like instead of big meals eat smaller meals but more times a day and also just a little bit of walking around the block. if you notice weight gain but waite and see how it affects you. GOOD LUCK and Merry Christmas

chuck1957 25 Dec 2015

Kbrochin; Just remembered something my doctor told me if it seems to make me feel hungry to make sure I take it with a full glass of water which helps you feel fuller faster best of luck

Kittyinct 28 Dec 2015

Hope you ae feeling better! In 2013 when I was prescribed Elavil for chronic pain, (osteoarthritis, bad in my spine... ) shortly thereafter I would have eaten a piece of cardboard if you put a little cream cheese on it. I forgot that I had just eaten a big meal, eat another one. For the first time in my life I was constipated, and didn't know why I looked pregnant and had such a belly ache... I was also real happy and "High" and acting and thinking "Manic" - like. I also fell down every time I turned around and my mind was so nuts I was proud of how gracefully I learned to land rather than go see my doctor, my (until when) this boyfriend, who used to be a nurse, murmerred over the phone that if it was he, he would try to become "Mindful" of what was going on, and "I think if I was falling down as much as you, I'd call me doctor." free discount card

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