I had total knee replacement three weeks ago. My doctor feels I should be weaning off of all pain medicines other than OTC acetominophen and anti-inflammatory medicine. I was disappointed because I felt that I was finally making progress in my recovery from the surgery (walked a mile today) but that would not be feasible without the Rx pain relief. I broke down in his office and cried. Its frustrating to feel like the rug is being pulled out from under me right as I was seeing some real improvements. At any rate, he took this to be a sign of depression. He said I should not be feeling this level of pain nor need that level of pain relief and suggested that perhaps I am depressed. Perhaps I am? Three weeks of being stuck in the house in pain is enough to suck they joy out of anyone's life. He prescribed Elavil for me to take and suggested that the antidepressant also can help with pain relief. Sounds great to me - sign me up! My question, however, is this: do I have to wait and take it at night? In my experience, medicines are most effective right after you take them or within the first hour or two. If I take this at night, won't the effects of pain relief coupled with the antidepressant be worn off by the morning? I don't need help sleeping. I need help getting OUT of bed and having a life without debilitating pain. Thank you in advance for your advice!