Amyloidosis is a disease that can attack many organs of the body, but in my husband's case it is only attacking the skin and only in an area of his upper back but it breaks out on both sides of his spine from time to time. The skin burns and itches and bubbly rashes break out from time to time. He has had complete scans, ultrasounds, MRI's, etc. of all his internal organs and brain and there is no sign of it anywhere else. He gets regular blood and urine tests done and the hematologist says unless there is a change, he doesn't need to see him anymore. The creams he was prescribed are Hydroval Cream 0.2% and Zostrix 0.025% which helps somewhat with the burning and itching and heals up the rashes sometimes but they break out in other areas of his back. I have used efudex successfully on actinic keratosis on my face and am wondering if this would not work well on his back lesions.