Hello all. I was just looking for some advice or tips . I have been slowly getting my wisdom teeth threw for a fair few months now. Currently the top left hand side is trying to come in. Since it's painful appearance I have been experiencing terrible earache. I assumed the two were connected after reading on the internet that wisdom teeth coming through could cause earache (This must be true because why would the internet lie,right). However.. recently I have been getting earache alot more without the pain of the wisdom tooth. It began with a feeling of the ear needing to be popped, but no matter what I tried it would not. Now it feels like there is alot of pressure in my ear which is only made worse when the ear is covered. Along with the pressure is a pain which can only be described as extremely intense. The ear is very sensitive to touch and along with my face seems swollen. I have become very sensitive to sound and have great difficulty hearing properly from time to time. I was wondering if the earache is actually just a result of the wisdom tooth coming through or whether it's something a little more serious. Any help would be massively appreciated, this couldn't have happened at a worse time, I've just started my final and most important year of uni and need to be able to give my all to my dissertation and other assignments. Many thanks!!