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Efficacy of drug taken sublingually as opposed to swolowing it ?

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kaismama 26 Nov 2013

Drugs taken sublinqually absorb faster so it is used for medications that really need to get there fast. Not all meds will absorb this way however. Some medications are less effective if they are acted upon by the stomach, so its used then too.

Faded time 26 Nov 2013

some drugs are made to be absorbed by the mucus membranes in your mouth. Instead of having to go through your stomach and be broken down, they are absorbed into the bloodstream from your mucus membranes.

Faded time

DzooBaby 26 Nov 2013

What drug are we speaking of? There are some drugs that are destroyed by stomach acid or cannot be absorbed by the stomach so they must be given by injection or, sometimes sublingual. Efficacy depends on the drug you are asking about. free discount card

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