I have really bad anxiety ever since having my daughter in June 2012. Its mostly when working or driving and somtimes in crowded areas. I have an anxiety attack/panic attack every or everyother day and some days im fine. In december my doctor at the time put me on Generic Zoloft ( sertraline ). I literally was on it for less then a week and it made my anxiety worse, ontop some other side effects like hearing things and loss if appitite, and jist really bad anxiety attacks, so i went off it and refused to try another drug..well my anxiety hasnt got any better and im always dreading when my next anxiety attack is going to come, its affecting my job and the way i live. So i recently started seeing a new doc and told her in tears all of this and she reccomended Effexor... so my question is has anyone taken zoloft and then effexor and had a good outcome, im just terrified to try another drug but geel like its my only option to living a normal life.