... months ago I went in to see a doctor about some debilitating anxiety which was causing some minor depression. About two years prior, I considered myself to be a lively, outgoing, and happy person. Im not sure what brought on these emotions and feelings of low self worth and anxiety but It has been grueling. Aside from my parents who have been my main source of support, all of my relationships have suffered greatly. I am severely scared of the world and people, and am constantly berated by a harsh inner critique which shuns me and everything around me. While I havent been diagnosed, I feel like I have social anxiety, general anxiety, depression... you name it.

Last year I saw a therapist back home who was extremely helpful. When I go home for winter break I definitely plan to see him again, as I hear anti depressants in conjunction with therapy is a a great combo.

I started lexapro two months ago but it only seemed to worsen my symptoms. I switched to Effexor about two weeks ago and not much has changed.

While I am still relatively functional, and my dad who is a psycho therapist doesn't think my depression is severe, I feel entrenched in what seems to be a never ending depressed state. I more than anything just want things to be different and will do anything I need to to get there. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to help me progress in this med trial stage? Or even if there are other meds I can potentially pair to help my energy, mood, anxiety?
Anything helps, thanks