I've recently cross tapered over from citalopram to Effexor xr, I have had one of the worst depressions I've ever experienced along with anxiety so think this is the reasoning behind the move. I'm only on 75mg now for 2 weeks so I assume it's early days to see benefits, my pdoc wants me to sit at this for 2 weeks longer then go up to 112.5mg and sit there for 4 weeks then have a review. Is this 4 week window a good judge of whether I'll feel better on this dosage? I'm finding I'm sleeping 10-12hrs a night since going on this which is a bit of a problem but I would be prepared to put up with it if it gets me out this depression then maybe taper onto something else once I'm over the worst of it, is that realistic?

I'm concerned if I need to go up to 150mg as I've heard this is when the norepinephrine kicks in and some people have difficulties with this? Does anyone know what the side effects of this starting up are?

Also I've pretty much been told I'll need to stay on meds due to my depression but I'm 35 now and if I want to have a family I feel time is pressing on and I've read it's safer to be on an ssri, does anyone have any further information on this?

My priority right now is to get over this depression/anxiety but I do feel I need to have a plan for the future.

Thanks x