... affect my thinking ability. I take 300 mg./day of Effexor ER because it helps my cognition tremendously. But the costs of being able to think have been a significant reduction in the ability to feel emotions and a complete inability to have an orgasm.

I would love to get off of Effexor, but every time I try, my thinking ability diminishes, e.g., short term memory, abstract thinking, organizational ability, focus, etc., all suffer. I also go through a huge roller coaster of emotions when I try to stop taking Effexor; it gets so bad that a TV commercial can make me weep! This went on for two months once and kept getting worse until I gave up and went back on Effexor.

I want so much to find a better way to bring my cognitive ability back to normal. If anybody else is getting a different kind of effective treatment for cognition problems, please let me know. I will check back here. Thank you.