... latest Lexicomp Drug Information Handbook said 75 mg a day was the maximum dose for social anxiety... . disorder... trust a respected drug reference book more than my shrink... yes because my shrink has a one size fits all approach to Meds... Buspar? Only effective at 60mg a day..got a doc to prescribe 15mg twice a day..which is in the range of the Lexicomp book..it said maximum dose is 60mg a day most people do well on 10-15 mg twice a day He is mad at me for not taking 150mg of effexor a day..but seriously... I find Lexicoms book my how I would want to be dosed superior to his judgement
Question is low dose Effexor makes me calmer..less likely to come unglued,,, and with a better attitude about life..I appreciate him putting me on it..but not trying to get a high strung person jacked up to 150mg a day..and had to get another doc for 30mg of buspar a day..it really helps
I certainly could have edited this much better... but my questions:
Anyone else get good results from Effexor at a low dose..aimed more at people with anxiety disorders
Has 30 mg a day of buspar helped anyone else I love it,,it is a great chill pill

anyone have some weird results with effexor..like I am wide awake and feel sleppy at the same time..and..it is not like I never used to drink beer..you are saying that is why this post is incoherent! lol I think But have more alcohol cravings on this med..I should mention I was on Serzone for many years, and it is a weak serontonin reuptake inhibitor..not as strong as a low dose of effexor