Been on Lexapro a few years now. I have GAD, some depression and insomnia for a few years. I started at 10 and that worked, but job stress and increased depression had me go on 20 in Sept. (I also use Xanax, with .10 or .25 as need) My insomnia has been going on since menopause and was recently put on Trazadone which has helped a lot. In Dec. my Dr. increased Lexapro to 20 + a 5 mg. My SAD is making me so agitated. I live in the Northeast. Now I'm considering switching from Lexapro because I'm on a high dosage - to Wellbutrin or Effexor. From what I've read Effexor helps more with the anxiety (which is my biggest battle) I don't want to increase my insomnia and I want to make the right decision. Any thoughts?