... couple years ago and it made the effects of the venlafaxine much better. I felt great. But 18 months later now, I cannot get off the tramadol without getting major "zaps" and becoming so tired I'm non-functional. I take between 200 and 350 mg of Tramadol per day. I tried taking modifinal (sp? - brand is Modalert 200) as a substitute to keep me awake but it just makes me feel speedy and horrible. Please, if anyone knows how I can get off all of this -- including the effexor -- I need your advice. I'm miserable. I can't bring myself to leave home. I'm in a strange country with no friends... I'm sorry to whine. I'm just really having a hard time. I've kicked cocaine, crack cocaine, booze -- but for some reason, my body will not let go of this