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I'm already on Effexor XR for depression so will this help me not to be so depressed on the Chantix?

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Anonymous 8 Jan 2013

Hello nanny Anna. It will help your depression (meaning the Effexor) Taking the Chantix will not take away from the Effexor. You should be fine. Regards pledge

kaismama 8 Jan 2013

It may or may not. Chantix can cause depression. I would just be aware that this can happen and do what you need to if it does occur.

papasam 9 Jan 2013

As Pledge stated the Effexor will help the depression, the Chantix will not replace the effexor. Chantix like effexor has different effects on different people. I myself used Chantix 4 years ago and quit smoking, something that I do not regret doing. I had little side effects with the Chantix as compared to some of my friends who tried it and failed. I had many of the side effects of Effexor so there you go. It just kind of depends on your body chemistry. Best of luck to you, I hope you can quit smoking, it is a good habit to loose.

happybrandee 9 Jan 2013

It will probably help your depression! Are you taking the chantix to quit smoking? I am on Lexapro for depression and I have been on in for about 8 years now. About 3 years ago I went on chantix to help me quit smoking and I found that the two drugs together actually helped with my depression, especially while quitting smoking! I also had great success with the chantix!! I lost my craving for nicotine by the 6th day that I was on chantix! The day before my quit date! I had a half a pack if cigarettes left that night and I threw them away and haven't had the urge to smoke since! so if you are on Chantix to quit smoking, I really hope that you have the same success that I and others on here that I have talked to have had. It does help to accept the phone support and other suggestions that they give you to help you.
I wish you luck!!!
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