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Effexor XR - when is the best time to take this medication mornin or bed time?

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Inactive 1 Jan 2013

Hello buddydave. Effexor XR is taken more often than not upon awakening in the morning. However, when first beginning the drug there are possibly going to be some side effects. Its a wait and see preference, how or what is most comfortable for you. Regards pledge

Pansy404 1 Jan 2013

I recommend in the morning with your breakfast

kaismama 1 Jan 2013

Effexor keeps me awake if I take it other then first thing in the am.

Inactive 1 Jan 2013

I started off with taking it at night in case there were side effects but found It kept me awake all night, now I take it in the morning with no problems.

papasam 1 Jan 2013

Morning is going to be your best bet because it will cause insomnia however it will be best to see how you are going to react in order to know what is best for you. All of these types of meds are like that, in that each persons chemical balance is different. Best of luck to you.

Inactive 3 Jan 2013

It all depends on YOU, not others. If the Effexor makes you sleepy, then take it at night. If it makes you hyper, and cannot sleep on it, then take it in the morning. If it doesn't matter to you either way, then take it when you will remember to take it!

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