... I have been taking Effexor XL 150mg for 12 years and it has worked so well for my depression, but not my sex life. So when I complained to my doctor about my sex life, she suggested that I slowly decrease my Effexor and slowly add Wellbutrin. I start tomorrow taking Venlafaxine XL 75mg plus Bupropion XL 150mg. What I am most afraid of are brain zaps (brain shivers), anxiety and my old depression returning. I don't want to go down that very dark scary hole again. And I have had brain zaps before when I missed taking my venlafaxine before. They are very debilitating for me. And my doctor told me that I may feel agitated for a few days. I wish I could just get off all of it, but I am too afraid of those depressions I used to have. So I guess I will get through this OK. Wish me luck!