I have been on Effexor XR 150mg for 2 months and now I want off cause I hate this pill my doctor cut me down to 75mg for 1 month now he put me on 37.5 mg for 7 days how likely am I going to have bad withdrawals from this drug with taking it only for 3 months! They suspect I have serotonin syndrome I am on Buspar too I was on 10 mg I weened myself down to 5 mg. Any help on what I'm going to feel and how bad is it going to be getting off will help me please I am scared! The Lord is the greatest physician! I know this I should have listened to my brain when it said no don't take this pill! I have read horror stories and people have been on higher doses for longer amounts of time has anyone ever heard of death coming off this drug. My heart has been racing when I was on 150 mg my blood pressure was high so he dropped me to 75 mg my blood pressure got better but my heart rate went up and fever now I am on my first day of 37.5 for one week and I am scared my heart is going to race and blood pressure will go up and I fear death! I am 36 years old and I have PTSD I take Kolopin.5 twice a day and fish oil and I take plaquinel for SLE Lupus. This has turned my whole life upside down. I can't even care for my kids or family or myself due to my racing heart and fear of serotonin syndrome!