Hi everyone,

This is my first time on anti depressants. I have suffered with anxiety, social phobia and mild depression for 2 years. For the past 2 years I have gone through cbt and taken herbal remedies to help me cope. But last resort I've now been put on 75mg xl venlafaxine.
I am my 10th day, 1st week layed on the sofa sleeping through most of the days, with headaches, blurred vision and dizzy spells.lost my appetite a bit but soon got that back. This week seems a bit better im up washed dressed getting out a big. However I don't want to go out or do anything as when I do I feel really anxious and uncomfortable. I actually feel more anxious then I did before taking this medicine. This seems to be the only effect I'm having apart from feeling a little tired and no motivation. I's this normal to feel anxious? How long am I looking at before it goes? Does this mean I need to increase the dose. Any info would be great just what this anxiety to go and get my life back.