I am desperate for help or tips and suggestions on best thing to do. I have tried to gradually come off Effexor several times with NO success as its too severe and unbearable with the brain zaps and foggy head. Plus the anxiety and depression that comes stronger when I try to reduce. I have tried everything and gradually went from 325mg to 150mg. I take 150 at night before bed. I cannot get on lower than this now as I'm struggling. The lowest I was ever on of Effexor was 75mg but it was awful.
I have been on seroxat previously (this helped me immensely) & citalopram (also helped me a lot) plus one other old fashioned style AD years ago which was awful. It made me sleepy 18hours a day and I also gained 2 stone in a short time.
I have also considered changing to Zoloft as I heard this is ok in pregnancy?? However I always thought that NO AD was safe in pregnancy. I had a failed pregnancy in 2007 and I'm in last chance saloon with my partner and I both in our late 30's and having other fertility issues. Please can anyone help me with possible ways to reduce Effexor / come off / switch to safer or any other possibility at all?
Thank you!! Xx