Hello everyone. I'm suffering on a dysthymic depression for many years. I tried a lot of medications, but nothing really helped. But increasing effexor after taking it 4 months 150 mg to 250 mg changed my life for the following weeks. My depression was completely vanished. After increasing it to 300 mg became manic and I stopped taking effexor. I still felt very good for 1 month without taking anything. Then the depression came back. I took effexor(250mg) again for 4 weeks and then I gave up. After trying another medication, that didn't help, I'm trying effexor now again already for 10 weeks and I still can't notice any improvements. :( I visited several docs. One doc suggested me to stop taking it after 4 weeks. Another one said It could also take 3 -4 Months. I'm very confused and desperate. Why shouldn't it work again? I only had two small breaks, where I didn't take it for one month. How likely is it that it won't work again? How long should i wait? I would be so grateful for your help,