Okay I was on 150mg of Effexor for a year, gained 20lbs and have the weirdest effing dreams ever. And God forbid I miss a dose cause the withdraws are terrible. Anyway, I voiced all this to my doctor, so we started to ween off it. Went from 150 to 75 for 2 weeks then to 37.5 for a week-ish then stopped. I was so excited I could have thrown a party. But I'm still having crazy dreams and I'm still withdrawing... My brain feels like mush, I can hear my eyes move when I'm trying to sleep, I feel nuts. When will this stop? Wasn't that the whole point of weening off? Granted I just tossed the empty bottle... on Sundaaayyy? I think, I can't remember. Anyway, please help - will this stop soon?! Thanks! xo