... forms but seem to only find pieces of the answers I'm looking for. I feel stupid thoughts are slow. Can someone help lay it out simply for me? I am titrating off slowly, down to 225 from 350,which was my highest (that was for about 2 weeks while I desperately tried to believe if we raised it maybe it would work again). I am having most of the symptoms others have mentioned, I am miserable. I have seen people mention fish oil/ omega 3, drinking lots of water, and ginger (I'm thinking thermogenics, sweat it out?) Anyway, I'm looking for some guidance based on what other people have tried and reduced their symptoms. I feel like this is going to take forever. 50 mg drop from 300-250 was too much, I couldn't even do basic life things. 25 mg at a (every 2 weeks drop) with 10 mg prozac daily is better but still pretty hellish. Has anyone else experienced such a reaction with such a small change? Most of the posts I have seen are people trying to get off the last little bit of it, but I have had problems just trying to reduce it. Also I'm on the tablets not XR. My body would just spit the generic XR capsules out not fully digested. Hope this can be made sense of, putting thoughts together is hard