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Effexor - taken for 10 yrs. now no sex drive...husband complains...meds. or sex? any advice?

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anitalite 19 Jan 2012

My old boyfriend and I were both taking Effexor - you can imagine just how sexless our relationship was! Once in a while though we'd put off taking a dose - I don't mean not take it, just put it off for 12 hours and WOW. Then we'd catch up on the dose we missed, take our next dose a little late so the two wouldn't be two close together, like that. It's never good to miss a dose or go off your medication without a doctor's approval and supervision! I mean we just postponed a dose so we could have some fantastic sex (and WILD dreams! Yikes!~) and then get back to normal asap. Probably not a good idea to do if you're in a depressed state to begin with. I really don't recommend doing this but if it comes down to it - what's a late dose compared to making your husband a happy man? Ask your doctor about it and see what he says. Tell him my little story and see if he thinks it would be okay for you to try once in a while. Can't hurt to ask, right?

nenag 20 Jan 2012

I know its a hard decision. I also take effexor and although i have very low sex drive, in any, i try to please my hubby. Its sad, but i rather feel somewhat normal and fake it than be bed bound, in a non sexual way lol, and unproductive. Remember you have to do whats best for you when it comes to your health. Take care - nena free discount card

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