Try to make a long story short. 12 years ago I went on 25 Effexor , it worked for 6 years it pooped out I went on lexapro 5 mg for 9 months then back to Effexor 25 mg because it worked so well I did after a year or so went up to 37.5. 5 years later oct 11 I think it pooped out again I upped it to 50 for about 5 days maybe, I felt worse so my dr put me on lexapro again it kinda worked but not really moved it up to 7.5 for 6 days and felt worse. So my dr put me on Effexor 37.5 xr plus 2.5 lexapro did that for 4 days then stopped the 2.5 lexapro because I felt like I was over drugged .went to a new dr she said to go back to my 37.5 Effexor instead of Effexor xr so it has been a total of 9 days and I still feel aweful she wants me to wait 3 weeks shouldn't there be some releaf before then? This has been a long time since this started up I have lost 13 pounds. I'm not sure if this was all with drawel symptoms from poop out or what.