... in March 2014. I had have a history of Pulmonary Embolism which occurred in March 2012 - but I was taken off warfarin in August 2012. I went to GP as I was exhausted basically - possibly from stress/burn out at work and other life's problems at that time. I had been taking Citaloprim until that point when GP took me straight off it and straight onto Venlafaxine. I was very unwell going on to Venlafaxine but persevered. Last month, under guidance and recommendation of an occupational work therApist - who felt that my continuing symptoms of almost the whole of the past year were more likely to be side effects of Venlafaxine (e.g. extreme fatigue, slower to react and think plus memory loss etc). She advised I saw GP and ask to be weaned off them. The GP did not query this and told me to go from 2 newsmagazine tablets per day to one - for two weeks, then to have half a tablet for two weeks, then stop. I'm on half a tablet currently, but 2 week's ago I was found to have multiple blood clots in each lung. So my main question is - should I have been given Venlafaxine with a past history of blood clotting? I am also Factor V Leiden deficient which already means that in certain conditions I am more prone to clotting. I should also point out that when I went back to my G P yet again with fatigue before Xmas 2012- he also gave me Progabolin (spelt wrong?) As a mood enhancer to take on top of Venlafaxine!! So I am being weaned off that too.