I'm new to this site. I joined because I'm desperately in need of some questions being answered and... in need of support.

I'm a 41 yr old female. I've weaned myself off of Venlafaxine (generic Effexor). Id been taking 225mg daily for at least 2 yrs. For the last month, I reduced myself to 150mg, and now I've gone cold turkey for the last week.

The reason I began taking the anti depressant was depression, my doctor and I too, believed my depression was "environmental depression". My life is much better now, I'm so much more happier these days since my environment has changed. I'm currently not covered by insurance and decided that I don't need the medication either.

Now I'm trying to keep my stability as I'm feeling some withdrawl side affects from discontinuing taking the venlafaxine. I need to keep my job stable and my life in general. Right now, I'm experiencing flu like symptoms. The diarrhea, upset stomach, dizziness, fatigue... oh boy, the list goes on! :) But as always, I'm remaining in good spirits. I'm just needing to know how long these side affects will last?? And, how bad do I allow it to get before I see a doctor??