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Is Effexor better than Lexapro in treating major depression?

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kaismama 8 May 2013

It depend on the person. Everyone responds differently to meds.

LaurieShay 8 May 2013

Better in the sense that it controls two neurotransmitters in the brian vs. Lexapro only controlling one. But again, it depends on the person as to how it works.

nenag 8 May 2013

Really depends on the person. I have been on Effexor and it did work on my depression but it gave me tons of side effects. Now I'm on lexapro and Wellbutrin, trying to get off the Wellbutrin and just stay on lexapro.
We all are different and on some it works wonders and not so on others. It's a trial an error when it comes to these meds. Best of luck - Nena free discount card

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