Hi everyone, first time poster, long time reader. I was wondering if anyone is taking both effexor & lamictal? Both have been Godsends for me, but for quite awhile the happy medium seemed to be 75mg of effexor twice a day, & 150mg of lamictal once a day. About a month ago, my dr upped it to 150 effexor slow release once a day, & 200mg of lamictal a day, simply because I had a few 'down' days here & there (though I honestly don't feel like they were that bad, just a quick funk). I've been trying to give it some time, but even with 8 hours of sleep in me I am DRAGGING. I feel foggy, draggy, & I feel like both my kids & my job are suffering, because I keep putting everything off for later since I'm so exhausted & foggy, waiting till I feel less sleepy, but that day is not coming, no matter what I do. The thing is, I wonder WHICH drug it is, since unfortunately, I hadn't thought ahead & switched them both at the same time. Technically, the Effexor is the same dosage, just slow release. Any thoughts?