I take 200mg of Effexor IR (50mg 4x a day. IR is the only type of effexor covered, but I don't mind it because, it's easier to ween off and I take several other medicines throughout the day)
The problem: I just switched pharmacy from Walgreens to a "mom and pop" pharmacy. I tried to fill my prescription on 9-23-2016, they pharmacy still hadn't received their shipment on 9-24 and they are closed today on 9-25. I have one more 50mg tablet left. However, I have to go to a gasterol intestinal doctor tomorrow before my pharmacy opens. I will not be able to take effexor again until around noon tomorrow (instant release is about four to six hours).


1. What should I expect?
2. Is there any solution? (My doctor is unavailable, also closed on Sundays. I can't afford a walk-in clinic, till I get paid next Friday!! ahhh!)
Should I go to the hospital? If I go, I'm scared they won't take my situation seriously and they'll leave me sitting there all day.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!