Now I just went to edit my question heading which deleted my question again!! Please fix these errors it does not help people like me with the trouble we have it only serves to raise heart beat and aggressiveness.
Had Pristiq four weeks, gave it the flick, missed one twice, bad brain zaps, this was about 6 moths ago. Now have been feeling great, Effexor-XR 150 mg , four months. Haven't missed any for weeks but the last three days, brain zaps (milder than Pris.) but last all day and are accompanied with a tingle in the lower lip. Interferes with concentration. The only new med is for a chest infection, on the second course of 14 per course. Name is Zinnat, also know as Cefuroxime Axetil. Could this be the cause, or can someone PLEASE help if not, it would be most appreciated.