Withdrawing from Effexor causes what I've coined "The Zaps". Sounds & feels like a live wire electrifying your brain! Not fun! I've taken the advice of another blogger who suggested fish oil & Vit.C. I started taking 2 tablespns of fish oil /Vit.C every 2-3 hours yesterday afternoon. By bedtime I was feeling NINETY% BETTER! I went to sleep without the whip snapping in my head, woke refreshed and have so far only experienced "The Zaps" once or twice in the past 4 hours. A MARKED improvement from yesterday, where I could barely walk without dizziness & noises! I'm sure any brand will do, but I got "NutraSea" fish oil, comes in Tangerine or Lemon. Also tooks lots of Vit.C chewable supplements. Still a bit foggy but, MUCH better. I'll stick with this for a while. I hope this information helps other "Zap" sufferers! Peace, Health, Love :)