I have been on it before, i am sure many of my DC friends remember my complaints. Im stuck. It works good for my depression but i am constantly anxiouse and not happy. I dont feel sad, blue or have crying spells i just have constant anxiety and what i think is OCD. I feel that if i have a stress related issue i freak. for example i had a fight with my father two weeks ago, i stressed about it so much that my mentraul cycle came, ( i am on the mirena and have not had a period for 3 months) I dont know. I went ahead and saw my reg dr on thursday so she can do blood work just to rule out any physical issues, i made an appt with my counselor and i am scheduled to see my PDR on Tuesday. I am going to ask her to switch meds as i dont like the way i feel on effexor, i know to taper off slowely its not my first rodeo with effexor, i just dont know what else to do? if its physical and i am lacking vitamens or if its hormonal then i know what to do, but if its psycholigical?? What then??? I have been on quite of few AD, lexapro, zoloft, prystiq, and effexor. Any suggestions will be greately appreciated. Thanks again my DC friends for letting me vent!!