I'm not sure if anyone will read this. So coming off the Effexor the doctors put me on a med merry go round of three other ads and some benzos within a period of two months. Well the Zoloft and Celexa didn't work. Either didn't work or my Effexor witndrawal was not letting them work. So finally I told them to try me on Prozac 10mg to see if that would help me since I had been on it before 9 years ago. I thought maybe it might help stabilize me. Well I tried about 5 weeks and couldn't hang. It was making me think about death and feeling really disconnected. So i weaned off the Prozac. It's been 15 days with no meds. And I haven't taken any benzos. I went through some pretty weird stuff. Depersonalization and intrusive thoughts are my hardest symptoms. The depersonalization is gone for now. I don't get to happy about any symptom going because I know it can come back. Just like the intrusive repetitive thoughts. I thought those were almost gone. Well today has been bad. I keep thinking what if I want to hurt my kids or myself. But overall the physical and mental symptoms have been easing up in such small amounts that sometimes it's hard for me to notice. But then when I read back to when the effexor stopped working I have gotten a smidge better. It's up and down every day. But the last two days my brain actually felt like it did while I was on the Effexor and felt ok. So I'm not sure if that's a good thing. But it was only 2 days :( I was hoping I was back for good. I tested myself for intrusive thoughts and I just went right on to think of other things and not ruminate. And it was so easy. My brain was quiet somewhat. But today I guess I was back to the anxiety cause the intrusive thoughts of what ifs were bad this morning. When I'm anxious I find my brain talking more and I'm looking for symptoms. I just keep telling myself it's withdrawal. Even though the psychs don't think so. Because I have been off the Effexor for a couple months and now off Prozac for 2 weeks. But I was not like this before starting all the meds. Just had some panic attacks. My therapist thinks it's a good idea to try and manage my anxiety without meds. But now my problem is I'm managing my old anxiety and a whole new list of problems. Knock on wood I have been able to fall asleep fairly easy except right before my period. But sometimes don't feel so rested because of the dreams. But I'm not complaining because before I couldn't sleep at all. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance to ride this out. If it's really me I don't want to suffer needlessly. im just afraid being on the ads for so long changed my chemistry for good. How long do I except these symptoms as withdrawal?