I have been drinking a lot more lately. I am on 275mg of Effexor. Yesterday I had half a bottle of Jager (I think it was a normal size Jager bottle) and two red bulls. I impulsively drank it really fast under an hour. I had severe vertigo all night and felt ok otherwise just was very loud. I drank a lot of water at night and had trouble sleeping. I did end up getting sleep but I didn't really get a hangover and was ok. I didn't really think about how bad it was till I looked it up online. I knew I wasn't suppose to drink with my medication lately but I have been careless lately and decided to ignore it and experiment with drinking. I have had some side effects listed and been hungover the 1st couple of times I started drinking but the last couple times I drank I didn't really get much of a hangover the next day (but had drank considerably a lot) I am a bit concerned as to what could happen especially after last night as I am feeling fine now.. but I am not sure if that is normal.