I have taken Atenolol for over 8 yrs for palpitations, stress. No high blood pressure.
I took an antidepressant years ago after the death of a family member and a sick newborn daughter. My depression went away but my Dr. said it was ok to take Atenolol. I only take 25 mg 1x a day. Well my depression and anxiety has come back and I have been dealing with it for 4 yrs refusing to take other meds. But it got out of control and was making me physically sick. I went to new dr yesterday and he put me on effexor or the generic to it and I started taking. My first dose wasn't bad at first but when I took my atenolol later that day my anxiety went through the roof. I couldn't control it. I had a half of xanax left and took it to calm me down but I'm now out and afraid to take this effexer today. Is this normal?