So my fiance and I are getting married march 2015. We decided that maybe within a couple years after that we would try for some kiddos. My doctor suggested that I try to wean myself off the effexcor (150mg) now. I am freaking miserable. I feel extreme nausea, a massive headache, brain zaps (of course) and most of all I feel like crying for no reason. Everything is totally fine with absolutely everything and I want to jump off a cliff. I went off on my poor fiance last night because I felt that he wasn't packing enough (we are moving in a couple days). I even threatened to leave him. Wow. The only thing keeping me from punching myself in the face is hot tea and its always sunny in philadelphia. When is this going to end? I started the first week with 112mg. I was fine. This is my second week and I am at 75mg. When will this end??? I have heard different things for different methods.