Mid Jan--- started dropping cymbalta to 30mg from 60 after 7 years. Started viibryd up slowly at same time. Felt ok as i titrated up on viibryd but as I got to 40 mg in Feb. did not like effects and felt like I was flirting with bad thoughts. Started down on viibryd and kept cymbalta at 30mg. Felt much better toward March a few weeks at this combo dosage. Last 4 weeks, felt deppression starting and pushed cymbata up as pushed viibryd down. Then: took Buproprion for 1 week at 150 and almost felt death upon me mentally. Stopped buproprion last Tuesday as I increased Cymbalta to 60mg. Feeling better but up and down and very depressed many days (closed in the world, why should I be here?) It goes up one day, down next. A bit frightened. Am wondering if the Cymbalta will kick in again and get rid of the depression? Last few days better, but some days really down!!! What scary is if cymbalta does not go back to way it was... the depression will be with me and a new drug needed??? Thanks