I recently went to the doctors yesterday to be told not to take provera medroxyprogesterone. I have been on this 10yrs and in the first 9yrs I have only had 3 appointments to check I was happy still taking it. One of these was a telephone consultation. I used to ring up my doctors and just ask for a repeat prescription. I'd never had my blood pressure taken or weighed etc in the first 9yrs. I've taken the tablets continuely as not been told otherwise so therefore the only time I have given my body a rest from it is when I have chosen to. My last period was over 3yrs ago. And I am nearly 49. The doctors appointment has highlighted my concerns (having looked on the internet last night) that I shouldn't have been on them for so long, I am now being sent for an emergency scan to check I have no other underlying problems including cancer. Has anyone got thoughts on this because at the minute I am disappointed that I've been on them so long without knowing the dangers firstly by the doctors and also not to have regular check ups. Just looking for peoples thoughts on this