I had my thyroid and 3 lymphnodes removed in 2010. After almost a year of not getting the right doseage they settled on 150's. After moving to another state I found a new doctor to take over and without knowing she took another job and quit. The doctor that took her position refuses to give me a refill without seeing him first and its $100, office visit. I've lost my job and barely can survive on the under $200 a week I get on unemployment. I've begged several times for 1 refill and I'll come up with the money somehow by the next but no deal. So I'm screwed. I'm already sleeping 15-20 hrs a day and barely the energy to do anything. I've also had a bad sore throat w/ cough for weeks. My throat feels like it did before the lemon sized tumor on my thyroid was discovered. When I swallowed it was painful and hardly got food down due to tumor causing over crowding in my throat. With no insurance and the cost to see him about the same anywhere else its now going on almost 2months without and counting. I can't even find the energy to look for a job and I want to know what's going to happen down the road and what suggestions you may have. Its sad that a doctor chooses NOT to help a patient and knowing what's he's causing to them over a $4.00 prescription just cause he wants that almighty $$$$. Thank u