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What will the effects be if a person was to only take one aderall?

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puck345 4 May 2014

This, and all prescription medications should be taken only under the advice and care of a qualified clinician. That being said; you will feel a sense of euphoria, extreme motivation, generally good mood, probably very talkative. You will also experience dry mouth, which can give you very painful aphthous ulcers in your mouth. You probably will go all day without eating and the very smell of your favorite foods will make you nauseated. You may have a strong urge to accomplish tasks that may or may not be important in the long run. (When I started on Adderall, I labeled everything in the kitchen with a labeler and even color coated the label of the item to match the labels in the drawers and on shelves where the items were to be put away.)

Here's the kicker. You won't just take one. Not to study for the big final exam, not to get through your cousin's bachelorette party... They're like the potato chips; once you pop, you can't stop. I urge you to seek medical advice before even trying this med. free discount card

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