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How effective is the use of phenytoin in the treatment of trigemenal neuralgia?

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dcleary431 29 Jul 2017

I do not know if this will help, but Iit took about five years for an answer to know what I had. Let me tell you it is hell. I had to try several l anti-seizure meds since some of them resulted in side-effects with my thinking in that for example, I could not process info correctly. I know these meds started with a "t."
Since my TN was atypical in which my symptoms were not
the same as typical symptoms,
I ended up researching for myself what meds would work best for me. This conclusion came be way of:
(1) my neurologist at the time
seemed to not understand enough about TN and wanted me to go with the gamma knice
at a medical collegethe atypical
(No thanks to that
(2) I went to the "guru" of TN
who seemed puzzled about my symptoms leading to the atypical term
After researching meds for atypical TN, I chose neuron tin since my mother had taken that med for leg cramps
If the med you mentionedworks, then by all means try it..
I have not had an episode for many years and hope and pray it stays dormant. I have been suffering g from pudendal nerve entrapment fir three yars since my partial hysterectomy. This is hell on earth as well.
If I remember correctly, I believe ibuprofen works to help relieve the pain. I think the ibu 800 would be better. It has no effeCT on my current situation. I am on pain meds and take Tylenol but shouldn't. I hope this helps. free discount card

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