So July 21st I had sex with a man and we used a condom but later on he asked if I wanted him to cum in me so I freaked out and asked if he still had the condom on I turned around and saw that it was on the floor next to us. He claimed that it fell out once I turned around but I'm not sure if I trust him. I immediately made him stop, I know for sure that he did not cum in me. But right after I got home I went to my bathroom and saw that I had started my period. I have no idea if I was ovulating or not. I took plan B step one pill about 39 hours later. I did not receive any side effects at all? Its currently August 8th and I'm really hoping to see my period by the end of the month. Maybe I'm worrying for nothing, but I'm just so afraid that his pre cum might get me pregnant. I also remember earlier in the night he went to use the bathroom hours before we had sex so hopefully any live sperm he had had been flushed out.