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What is the effective medicine for sinusitis available in market?

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DzooBaby 13 May 2014

If it is just congested sinuses related to allergies then a decongestant like pseudoephedrine is best. You can pair that decongestant with an antihistamine if allergies are the cause. If infection is present in the sinuses, you need prescription antibiotics to treat the infection. In the US, you must ask at the pharmacy counter for pseudoephedrine. You dont need a prescription but there are limits to the quantity you can buy because this is an ingredient used in the making of illegal methamphetamines. You must show an ID and the pharmacist will record the amount you bought. A person using this legitimately for congestion would never consume the amount of the limits. Anything you see out on the shelves is reformulated with phenylephrine, which is also a decongestant but not nearly as effective as pseudoephedrine. You have to ask the pharmacist for the real deal. Saline nasal sprays can help reduce the amounts of pollen in the nasal passages and may help clear excess congestion. There are also nasal spray decongestants that will open the passages almost immediately but they can cause rebound congestion if you use them more than a few days. Steroidal nasal sprays can help with allergic rhinitis. Nasacort is one that is available over the counter.

kaw06 13 May 2014

I can only tell you what works for me, and that is Flonase. It helps prevent my sinus problems and I use it faithfully. free discount card

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