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What is the most effective dose of Wellbutrin for anxiety?

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Sidekick55 6 Mar 2017

I don't want to tell you that Wellbutrin won't help your anxiety, but it's almost exclusively used for depression. Now if your anxiety is caused by the hopeless and life problems caused by depression, it'll help you out. Did your doc give it to you specifically for anxiety?

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Inactive 6 Mar 2017

I was given it for anxiety/depression.

Inactive 6 Mar 2017

I found it did help both my anxiety and depression, but the side effects were scary! I was gradually upped to 300 mg. And I occasionally started spitting word salad. I seriously could not produce the right word on occasion. It's called aphasia and is a lesser known side effect of Wellbutrin.

I only gave it 3 months, so maybe the side effect would have gone away?

Inactive 7 Mar 2017

Was a dose of 150mg effective for you, with less side effects? I seem to have anxiety developing at 300mg.

Inactive 7 Mar 2017

The 150 didn't seem to help enough with the depression. I didn't seem to feel any more anxious at the 300. But the cognitive stuff freaked me out.

Kimb00p 7 Mar 2017

The dosage all depends on the individual person. Prescribers will usually start low and increase the dose at future appointments so they can keep in touch with how it is working. free discount card

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