My husband had surgery to reverse a colostomy due to diverticulitis. Everything was going well up until the wound was almost healed. There was leakage that wouldn't allow the small wound that it had become to heal. The surgeon kept trying to chemically cauterize the wound (3 times) which only seemed to make it worse. This I could not understand. If there is leakage, wouldn't you want it to drain rather than seal it inside? Anyway, he ended up having another surgery to remove the infection. When all was said and done this is the most painful with the most tissue removed. He also ended up with a staph infection. He takes Lisinopril and I'm aware that sulfa drugs are contraindicated. He said that sulfas are the only way to treat this. My question (s) are... Is it true that this is the only antibiotic for treatment for staph... If he takes it for only a week, what are the chances it will negatively interact with lysinopril... Are there any other drugs that can be used? He's already had Cleocin and Augmentin.