I've taken Adderall XR (30mg/day) for several years now for my ADD. Its incredibly helpful, not only in focus, but curbing the impulsive behaviours I have (like spending money, getting involved in projects that make me late for work, etc). I took it for years without the side-effects being much of a problem.

Then, due to a temporary hiccup in my health insurance because of a job change, I had to go a few months without it. I've been trying to get back on it for nearly a year now, but my body isn't taking it as well as before: I get so sick to my stomach! I go through every day I'm on it in total nausea all day long! The nausea is so bad sometimes that all I can do is stay home in bed.

Supposedly if I just stick to it I'll get used to it again, but I can't take it more than 2 or 3 days straight without having to take a break because the stomach problems only compound. I tried reducing the dose, helped reduce the side-effects a little but not a whole lot, but then the effectiveness wasn't there. I'm also concerned with how the Adderall raises my blood pressure. I normally have low blood pressure (ave 90/60, with Adderall 120/68) so I can safely take it, but as I get older (I'm 32 now) I don't know how healthy that is for me.

I tried Ritalin when I was first diagnosed back in college and had no real results from it and I didn't like how it made me feel (out-of-it). I like the idea of natural alternatives but they haven't had a whole lot of effectiveness. Has anyone had much luck with any other prescription alternatives that might be easier on the stomach?

Of course I'm going to discuss this with my doctor, but I wanted to get some feedback on alternatives from other people before I go in, so I can better decide on an alternative to try. Thank you for your help in this!