I have used VESIcare (5mg) for 5 years since I was diagnosed as having an ''erratic bladder''. VESIcare helped almost immediately and I could control my visits to the toilet. But about 3 weeks ago, whenever I drank coffee (even as little as half-a-cup), the urine flushed uncontrollably. Same for wine (60 ml), Zero Coke (small glass) and orange juice (small glass). Not for water. I asked my doctor if it will help if I increase the dose to 10 mg. He didn't say 'Yes' or 'No', only not to take more than 10mg.
The increase didn't help - rather made the problem worse. I also started having serious side effects - extreme thirst, burning when I urinate, vision changes e.g. halos around lights, confusion (serious), slow heart rate, muscle weakness (serious), tingy feeling; as well as some of the less serious side effects - dizziness, drowsiness (severe), feeling tired, dry mouth (severe) hoarse voice (severe), burning dry red eyes, and worst of all a balancing problem. I have to use a cane all the time to prevent falling or suddenly walking a few steps uncontrollably in the wrong direction. I've already been through a very thorough examination by a neurologist and he couldn't find anything wrong in my brain or the rest of my nervous system. Can this balance problem be caused by the 5 years continuous use of VESIcare? The doctor said because of my erratic bladder I will have to use VESIcare the rest of my life, like other people use cholesterol tablets or high blood pressure tablets for the rest of their lives.