She's a close friend and mostly shares with me her secrets. She had unprotected sex with her boyfriend on 2nd Jan 2016 , 6days before her menstration started. On 3rd she used to prevent her from conceiving. This could push her menstration forward by 3days meaning she would start shedding on 11th Jan. But again she met her boyfriend on 10th and had sex again and she went ahead and used the e-pills again. Immediately she took the pills she started bleeding which wasn't clear if it was her cycle or what?? Now she has several things to worry about.
1. Could she have conceived?
2. What other effects could the plan B have caused?
3. Can one conceive when it's like a week to her periods? (Her cycle is regularly 28days)
4. What could the bleeding be?
5. Could it be a problem that will require medication?