Taking the 10mg ambien around 8:30 pm make me feel a little drowsy around 10pm but it's not enough to make me want to sleep. I'm also prescribed 2mg Xanax for the nights I'm up late and need instant sleep because I only have 5 hours to dedicate to sleep. During the days I take 70mg of vyvanse around 8am which helps a lot! I can focus, organize, and get through my tasks systematically until about 2:30pm/3pm. Then income down (so-to-speak) and I'm not able to get much done the rest of the afternoon.

While I know I can have an IR amphetamine added to aid in the ADHD, I'm more concerned with my sleep. I have taken up to 8mg of Xanax and 20mg of ambien with zero effect to help me sleep. I do experience the temporary memory loss the following day about the previous night (roughly around the time I took the Xanax). What im wondering is should I ask for something that has more of a sedative effect? Any insight is greatly appreciated!